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Dana and Grace, collectively known as the Langshaw Twins, are identical twin models and actors.

The Langshaw Twins are expereinced in print, runway, commercial, showroom and fit modeling. They have worked for brands such as DSW Shoes, Staples, Dillard's, Macy's, La Senza, Nike and more. 

The twins have lived and worked all across the country including New York City, Miami, Atlanta and LA.  They have walked the runway multiple times during New York Fashion Week and Miami SwimWeek.

The twins have worked on TV shows and feature films that have aired on Lifetime, Investagation Discovery, TV One, FOX, USA, As Seen on TV and more.


They are former NHL Hockey Cheerleaders for the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Langshaw Twins currently travel the country nationwide as spokemodels for Maserati. 


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